5 Reasons why Small Business Need to focus on local SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the powerful tool in digital marketing by which a website gains organic traffic. Local SEO is a part of SEO which are highly responsive if you are a small business. Not only the small businesses, if you are a local store owner and not sure about the right digital marketing strategy for your business, local SEO may help you in this matter. Though big companies knows the usefulness of digital marketing and organic traffic, still there are many small business owners who still relies on traditional marketing methods to generate sales.

Think about what investment traditional marketing needs – you will need some printed branding materials which will consume money and you will need a group of manpower to circulate the stuffs around your locality. But local SEO will help you to reduce the extra cost of traditional marketing while maximize the ROI.

What is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization is just the same it sounds. This means you are optimizing your online business exposure for the local areas to generate highly conversable leads. All the results search engines shows, there is a separated space allocated for local search results. The chances of coming up in the near me results are high when a business optimize for local expansion.

Types of Business Need to focus on Local SEO

What types of business need Local SEO?

This part of Search Engine Optimization is highly beneficial if you are a store owner or your customer base is high in the local expansion. Moreover people who search for near me services are basically in immediate need of that service and if your business comes between the top 3 result of the search then no doubt that you will get noticed by them or you can earn a call or visit.

Some of the business categories that can use the local SEO as the main marketing strategy are

  1. Law Firms – barristers, lawyers etc.
  2. Local Services – Saloons, Shop Owners, fitness centers, shopping Malls, tax consultants etc.
  3. Medical and Healthcare Sectors – Doctors, clinics, Medicine shops, diagnostic centers etc.
  4. Hospitality Services – Hotels, CafĂ©, Bars, restaurants etc.

5 Benefits of Local SEO You Should Consider

1. Local keywords are easy to rank higher in Google

Not to mention that any customer likes to avail a service or offer from a store which is based on nearest location. As the search engine has a separate space allocated for local search, you need to target the local keywords according to your services. Choosing the right local keywords for your services and products will grant higher chances to rank on Google search. The keywords which are based on local generate more customers than the keywords based on national zone.

2. Local SEO helps you to draw Newcomers and Visitors

Another powerful local SEO benefits is you can also attract the people who are new to your location or visiting your location for some days. With this strategy you can actually target them on real time base. Any visitors or newcomers in your city will not know who are you and what are the services you provide. Even you carry a solid reputation over online, it will not help you to reach those potential customers.

Lets assume you are a hotel owner who has a good online existence but doesn’t own a optimized local listing. If a new visitor comes to the city for any work he or she will need a hospitality service for sure but they will search on local basis and you will miss the chance to get a customer as you never listed your business locally. Moreover when a customer finds you through organic local search they will give more value to your business than the paid search.

3. Local Search can generate leads from mobile searchers

Apart from the paid promotion, local SEO can be helpful in targeting both pc and mobile users. As the 60% of local search quarries comes from the mobile users, it is highly recommended that a business should focus on the local SEO. The local businesses that are looking to promote their services or products can work on local SEO for mobile searchers which can be profitable for business. Search quarries regarding a product made from mobile devices are highly potential as the purchase decision are made within a day or two from the search.

5 Benefits of Local SEO
4. Local SEO helps to generate brand review

Everyone loves to shop from a brand that has bigger number of positive reviews. It is not possible to get noticed in the eyes of local customer as there are many vendors available in the same market. Getting sales that is generated via online isn’t a easy work. Good content and marketing strategy may help you to get visible but it is not enough to get customer’s trust to make a purchase decision.

Reviews from a local guides and people can give the trust badge for your business to the people who are looking for the same services. You can even encourage your existing customers to give reviews to your products or services on local listing sites so that it build brand authority.

5. Local SEO is very much Cost effective

Among all the digital marketing services local SEO is the most cost effective service from which you will generate potential leads for sure. If you focus on local SEO, you will save the costs of traditional marketing method. With the traditional marketing methods you can reach to the local people but only few people are there who notice a banner or read a leaflet given nowadays.

With the help of local SEO you just need to pay for a digital marketing company who will work on the optimization methods so that your business can be visible on geographical base to the potential customers. Local SEO is so powerful that even a offline purchase can increase if your reviews and local presence is worthy enough.

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