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BEST DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES, You cannot deny the growth of social media marketing for any startup companies or well-established enterprises. Unquestionably, your business can reach the next level with the indulgence of social media agencies to promote your company.


In this article, let me list the top 10 digital marketing and social media marketing agencies in India in 2021.


#1. Gowebs:

To make sure you are connected to your customers, they manage your social media account. They care for your reputation in the market, business growth and most importantly they make sure that your content reaches your target customers. Their solutions improve your fan following which indicated that the sales ration would be increased drastically.

Location: 12/14 Dharmatala road,Belur station road, Belur, West Bengal 711202
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Services Rendered: Delivers incomparable results in SEO, Display Ads, Paid Search, Content Marketing & Social Media, Web Development.

Gowebs digital marketing services include on-site marketing, conversion optimization, influencers marketing, e-commerce marketing, web data analytics, marketing automation, Facebook & Twitter apps development.


#2. Acetz:

Acetz is a Social media marketing and digital Marketing agency which helps you to maintain the credibility across your customers by providing professional reputation management by the team of experts. They also ensure to respond to all the negative comments on social media about the service and remove the offensive comments from the net using online strategies. You can trust them for timely and targeted brand management services which helped many companies to beat the tough competition and top the branding list among the customers.

Location:    Noida

Services:    Web designing and development, content marketing, branding, consulting.


#3. FruitBowl Digital:

Fruitball digital is an Interactive media Social media marketing agency with a tight-knit team of creators, organizers and experienced people. This Digital marketing agency feels allured to create something innovative almost every other day. They build brands and design and develop websites for endowed people across the globe.

Location:    Mumbai

Services Rendered:    Social Media Marketing, Website design, and development, Media planning buying, SEM, Mobile App development, Email Marketing, Branding, Strategy and Planning, Graphic designing, Lead Generation, etc.

#4. 6ixwebsoft Technology:

6ixwebsoft Technology is the most consistent & Affordable Digital Web Agency with a long history of stellar success. This social marketing agency aims to deliver top services to clients across the globe on the basis of their requisites, budgets, and predilection. They do provide various online services required by many businesses to inflate rapidly and yield a good sum of ROI. The expert team there understands what fits best for your business.

Location: Delhi

Services Rendered: Digital marketing, SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads campaigns, Google analytics reports.

#5. Missing Link:

The MissingLink Digital Marketing agency is one of the superior company in providing the best digital and social marketing to brand their name across their customers. They have been helping local and international companies and different entities to do their business smarter, faster and in a most effective way. The company had achieved over 874 conference objectives so far. Their 64% of the customer base is listed on JSE. They render their help to many top brands to maintain their relationship with their customers in a much positive way.

Location:    Mumbai

Services Offered: Search Engine Optimization, pay per Click, Search Engine Marketing, Social media marketing, etc.

#6. Graffitti Collaborative:

Graffiti is an independent digital marketing and social marketing agency. Over the years, Graffiti has cultured on how to build and grow a company. This Social media marketing agency combines their business experience with creative expertise to give you result oriented, sales percentile and offers you the bang for your buck.

Location:    Bangalore

Services rendered:    Brand Identity, Digital Banners, Marketing Collateral, Event theme Collateral, Content marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Digital, and corporate films, etc.

#7. SocioAdvocacy:

SocioAdvocay is a topmost Social marketing agency which lets your customers discover your official brand and shares it with the external social network. This, in turn, generates conversions an sales for your company. It also facilitates you to track socioAdvocacy marketing across different social media to improve the performance with real-time feedback.

Location:    Mumbai

Services Rendered:    They ensure customer support all through the program lifecycle; provide information on best practices, latest trends, and guidance to drive the program to success.

#8. Webdot Services:

Webdot Services is a full-fledged digital Marketing Agency which offers web designing and web development services. They have a team of well qualified and Google certified digital marketing professionals, web application designers, and developers to achieve your business goal and drive more revenue. delivering their services to the customers within the stipulated timeframe is their greatest strength. Their solid online marketing strategies make you avail an economical edge in your business growth.

Location:     Hyderabad

Services Rendered:    Search Engine Optimization, Search engine Marketing, Pay Per Click, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Designing and development and more.

#9. Touch The Stone:

Touch The Stone is the most reliable and the best Digital marketing and social media marketing agency situated in Coimbatore, India. Their unique marketing strategies make you perceive from the other powerful competitors. If you are a startup company and need to make your brand awareness across your customer base,  enhance your sales and to achieve your vision, you can choose Touch The Stone digital and social marketing agency.

Location:    Coimbatore

Services Rendered:    SEO, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click, Web Design, Web Development, Ecommerce development.

#10. Socialchamps media

SocialChamps is one of the top Social Media Agency and Digital Marketing organization located in Pune. They offer end-to-end Digital marketing solutions, brand building among the customers and SEM solutions for various clients across the globe. The experts here have hands-on experience in creating interactive, contemporary, yet ground level social media campaigns. They help you to create a sturdy social presence for your business by generating the brand stories which talks about your brand to your target customers, helping their business grow and enhance the engagement with potential customers.

Location:    Pune

Services rendered:    Social media management, Design and branding services, Search engine marketing, Social media consultancy, Political Digital Marketing