convert HTML to WordPress theme manually

convert HTML to WordPress theme manually: You have a static website, it is made of an old HTML version, this time you want to add some updated theme to the website you have but if you are not in technical knowledge then it will be very difficult. If you want to update your website a little more, you need to get help from the developer, When you develop a website, you have to pay money when you go to the developer. If you want, you can easily manage your website without any technical knowledge, how is that?


Now we live in a modern age where anything is possible, there is a platform called WordPress where you can easily import your static website. WordPress is a platform where you can get free themes without any coding, will get plugins through which you can upload an of variety things. If you want to know what WordPress is or how the platform works then click on this link, In today’s article I will tell you how to manually import HTML from WordPress to your website, convert HTML to WordPress theme manually


Here are the steps you can follow to easily convert a static website to a WordPress website.

Step 1: Create a New Theme Folder

You will first create a folder on your local server, if you don’t have any idea about a local server or if you want to know what it is or how to install WordPress on a local server then click on this linkYou need to open an editor, go there and create some files inside your theme folder. If you have no idea about the editor, click on this link, editor is a platform where you can do coding for your website, when you convert your website from HTML to WordPress, you need to have at least some basic technical knowledge. When converting an HTML website to a WordPress website, you need to know the basic HTML and CSS.


Now, go to the code editor and create text files. There are five different files you’ll want to create:

  1. Style.css
  2. Index.php
  3. Header.php
  4. Sidebar.php
  5. Footer.php

Step 2: Copy CSS Code

Then you have to copy the style.css from your HTML website and submit the new style CSS mentioned in it. When the code is pasted, you need to make some changes in the style.css header


They are:

  • Theme Name – This can be anything you want.
  • Theme URL –
  • Author – Gowebs Company.
  • Author URL –
  • Description – This part is an optional write-up on the theme that shows within the WordPress backend.
  • Version – Start with 1.0.
  • License, License URL, Tags – This part is only necessary if you’re going to submit the theme into the WordPress directory for others to use. If you’re keeping it for yourself, then don’t worry about it, convert HTML to WordPress theme manually.

Step 3: Separate Existing HTML

Then you need to separate the header footer sidebar from your HTML website, It is a static website. It will have a specific header, content, sidebar, and footer.

separate the header from the HTML website you have, and paste the header into your new folder header.php file. In this same way, you need to separate the sidebar and footer and paste the new sidebar.php and footer.php file, convert HTML to WordPress theme manually.

Go through the WordPress files that were created and copy that code into the following areas:

  1. Header.php – This entails everything from the beginning of your HTML code up to the main content area. Right before the section marked </head> you’ll have to copy and paste <?php wp_head();?>
  2. Sidebar.php – This is where you put all the code from the section marked <aside>
  3. Footer.php – This section starts at the end of the sidebar and goes up to the end of the file. Add a call for <?php wp_footer();?> before closing off the bracket with </body>.

Step 4: Change the Header.php and Index.php Files for WordPress

Then you need to change the header.php and index.php Then you open the header.php file and you will find something like this in the header. You need to change it, convert HTML to WordPress theme manually

To do this, look for a link in the <head> section that looks like this:

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”style.css”>.

Replace that link with this:

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/style.css” type=”text/css” media=”all” />.

Now, save and close the header.php file. You’re done with it for the moment.

Open your index.php file. It should be empty.

Enter the following, precisely like this:

<?php get_header(); ?>

<?php get_sidebar(); ?>

<?php get_footer(); ?>

After that, save and close the file. The basic theme should be ready and can now be added to a WordPress site, convert HTML to WordPress theme manually.

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