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GAME DEVELOPMENT INDIA, Video game development is the process of bringing the game to life. This includes coding, software-programming, sound effects, engineering, rendering, testing, and several other processes for getting the required video game up and running.

A video game developer transforms the game designer’s ideas and concepts into the actual game, which can then be launched on the market. The chief requirement of a video game developer is to have incredible coding and programming skills.

They incorporate the designers’ concepts, sketches, drawings, layouts, and storylines, into thousands of lines of code to create a playable game.


1.Gowebs (West Bengal, India):

Gowebs Private Limited is the new-aged Gaming giant has expertise in Concept/Game Designing(GAME DEVELOPMENT INDIA),, Being the leading online gaming website, it has one of the widest range of categories for online gaming action to strategy to dress up. They offer free games for single player or advanced multiplayer games with other players worldwide.


Other Core Services: Game Development, Game Design Services, 3D Modeling & Animation, Unity 3D Game Development, Android Game Development and Game Testing Services, Web design Kolkata, Logo design, web development.

Games: Stealth Sniper, Super Boxing, Speedway Racing and Many More.
Address: 12/14 Dharmatala road,Belur station road, Belur, West Bengal 711202
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 Phone: 8585814444


2. Dumadu Games (Bangalore, India):

GAME DEVELOPMENT INDIA, Being a leading cross-platform mobile game development company, Dumadu Games known for creating top-notch games across varied platforms. They are highly committed to developing visually appealing and technically advanced mobile game applications that appeal to all ages. Dumadu Games develop games in genres like action, arcade, adventure, casino, racing, simulation, and sports.

Headquartered in Bangalore, possess the expertise to create amazingly beautiful applications for VR, Cardboard and TV applications as well.


Other Core Services: Adventure games, Arcade games, Action games, Casino games, Racing games, Sports games and Simulation games.

Games: Slog Cricket, Beer Pong: Trickshot, VR Monster Truck Extreme Dash, VR AG Racing for Cardboard and Many More.
Contact: 080-41204810

3. GSN Games India (Bengaluru, India):

GAME DEVELOPMENT INDIA, The well-reputed gaming studio, GSN Games India make top casino games for social and mobile platforms – Facebook, iPhone, iPad, and Android. The first title for GSN Games was Bingo Bash, which quickly became the #1 Bingo in the world with more than 1.5M users playing the game every day. They deliver social casino and skill-based games designed to fuel every player’s inner winner with energy.

Headquartered in Bengaluru, they are not just industry innovators but vintage car fanatics, rib-eating champions, and oenophiles.


Other Core Services: Cash Games, Hourly Bingo Jackpot, Casino Games, Game Show, Strategy Games, Word Games, Arcade games, Slot Games, Bingo Games, Poker Games and Quick Play Games.

Games: Bingo Bash, Mirrorball Slots, WorldWinner, Bejeweled 2 and Many More.
Contact: 080-46627666


4. Hashcube Technologies (Bengaluru, India):

GAME DEVELOPMENT INDIA, Founded in 2008, Hashcube Technologies is a cross-platform social gaming company with varied titles on Facebook and Mobile. Their flagship title “Sudoku Quest” is amongst the most popular games on Facebook and has been played by over 2 million gamers. The Hashcube Technologies has grown to be one of the few studios in India making successful casual games on the freemium model.

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Hashcube’s games are available for Tablets, Smartphones using both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android Operating Systems.


Other Core Services: Puzzle and Adventure Games, Gummy Pop, Sudoku-solver Games, DOT Game, Android Game Development and Unity 3D Game Development

Games: Sudoku Quest, DOTGame, Gummy Pop, Sudoku-Solver and Many More.
Contact: 080-4165-7576

5. Hashstash (Noida, India):

GAME DEVELOPMENT INDIA, Being amongst the top award-winning game companies in India, Hashstash is highly known for developing cross-platform video games and play an important role in shaping the game development Industry India. They are critically acclaimed for their innovative work on mobile platforms and how they are pushing towards the game development industry in India.

Headquartered in Noida, Hashstash builds new experiences and original IP on the platform that will entertain the gamers spread globally.


Other Core Services: Games for PC, Mobile, and HTML5, Educational games, Consulting, VR Games & Apps, AR Games & Apps, Training and Workshops.

Games: HUERONS, CIRCULETS, Earth Hour India 2017, Ludo Live! Heroes and Strategy and Many More.
Contact: +91-991-002-4895

6. Ingenuity Gaming (Noida, India):

GAME DEVELOPMENT INDIA,Over the past 13 years, Ingenuity Gaming has evolved into a multi-channel development studio that focuses on servicing companies across the land-based and e-gaming sectors. Ingenuity Gaming has a proven track record of developing 500 games and continue to amaze the clients with their fantastic fun gaming solutions.

Headquartered in Noida, Ingenuity Gaming boasts a talented team of 250+ staff members shared between our office in Isle of Man and India.


Other Core Services: Game Art, HTML5 Conversions, Engine Development, Testing, and Compliance.

Games: Diamond Fortunes, Trip Trap Trolls, Fire and Fortune, Rollem Rollem and Many More.
Contact: +91-120-4119961

7. Ironcode Gaming (Dehradun, India):

GAME DEVELOPMENT INDIA The highly professional and creative team of Ironcode Gaming produce original games and also perform full-service game development from concept and design to testing and deployment. They have developed and deployed games on Linux, Windows Desktop, Mac, iOS and Android on several platforms – Steam, Appstore, Google Play, Amazon, BigFish Games, AOL, Yahoo and much more.

Headquartered in Dehradun, Ironcode Gaming have their own cross-platform game development engine, although they use third-party game engines for client work.


Other Core Services: Game Designing, Unity3D Game Development, 2D/3D Art, Pahelika Series, Turbogems, Angkor, Riotball and Lastman Standing Games.

Games: Angkor, Riotball, Lastman Standing, Turbogems, Pahelika Series and Many More.
Contact: 095-609-29177

8. Mango Games (Hyderabad, India):

GAME DEVELOPMENT INDIA, Mango Games build games for smartphone platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and Cloud Games as well. They provide gaming solutions through their in-house designing, development, testing, promotion and publishing team. They develop all kinds of games like single player, multiplayer turn-by-turn, and multi-player.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Mango Games believe in making compelling games enjoyed by gamers worldwide.


Other Core Services: Game Development, Android Game Development, Game Design Services, Unity 3D Game Development, Game Testing Services, 3D Modeling & Animation.

Games: Social Rummy, Poker Pop, Mumbai Mobsters, Teen Patti and Many More.
Contact: 91-806-753-9000

9. SuperSike Games (New Delhi, India):

GAME DEVELOPMENT INDIA, On a global level, SuperSike Games are well known for developing highly-addictive games for Android and iOS platforms. They are an independent game development agency and have bagged many awards for their innovative games.

Headquartered in New Delhi, SuperSike Games developed games – Bird Game for iOS in 2013 and Go Kane for Android in 2014.


Other Core Services: Game Development, Game Design Services, 3D Modeling & Animation, Unity 3D Game Development, Android Game Development and Game Testing Services.

Games: Go Kane!, One More Pass, One More Run, Yet Another Bird Game and Many More.

10. Synqua Games (Mumbai, India):

GAME DEVELOPMENT INDIA,Amongst the top-rated game development enterprises in India, Synqua Games develop games for mobile and tablet platforms – iOS, Android, BB10 and Windows Phone. So far, they have already released 60+ games that have been downloaded over 30 million times and the count is still on. The gaming studio continues to develop new titles that clients would love and constantly redefine themselves to achieve their goals.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Synqua Games dream to build the superior-quality casual mobile games.


Other Core Services: Game Development, Game Design Services, 3D Modeling & Animation, Unity 3D Game Development, Android Game Development and Game Testing Services.

Games: Snowball Baseball, Rescue Monster, Tap Baseball and Many More.
Contact: 022-8887-8888

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