How to backup WordPress site manually

How to backup WordPress site manually: Backup in simple terms refers to the process of copying the website data and saving it somewhere on your local device or any safe location so that you can restore it if it is erased or deleted. Backing up you’re WordPress files and database lets you restore them in the event something goes wrong with you’re site. If your website is hacked and defaced by a cybercriminal, for example, having a recent copy lets you salvage you’re site and return it to its previous state. You could back up you’re WordPress site using a plugin. It’s a simpler and more time-efficient alternative to manually backing up you’re site. there are various ways you can create and restore WordPress backups. One method is to use a plugin such as UpdraftPlus, BlogVault, or ManageWP. While these tools can be useful, they’re also sometimes limiting. But some plugins, especially the free ones, don’t back up all you’re website data. Instead, they just download you’re database and not you’re media files and themes. So, what you thought was a full backup ends up being a portion of your site, How to backup WordPress site manually.



Manually Backup Using cPanel

Step 1: Backup the Source Code of You’re Website

If you’re hosting an account, go to the cPanel page and choose File Manager.

You will see all the files containing the source code of all the websites which you save in you’re host. Choose a folder of you’re website which you want to backup, press Select All, then Compress.

A popup appears, then you choose Zip Archive to compress all the files to a .zip. Press Compress File (s). Wait a minute till the compressing progress finishes. A new .zip file will appear in the list. Choose it tan press Download to load the file to your computer, How to backup the wordpress site manually.

Step 2: Backup the Database of you’re website

Back to the cPanel page, go to Database > phpMyadmin.

Choose a folder containing your website database, then choose Export > Quick > SQL > Go. the data file will be loaded to your computer.

Finally, it’s really easy to restore your site from a backup just by clicking a couple of buttons. UpdraftPlus restores your site’s database and files automatically, How to backup WordPress site manually.

You install UpdraftPlus just like any other WordPress plugin. Follow these steps:

Log into your WordPress admin.

Visit your WordPress admin URL, then enter your admin username and password and click Log In.

Search for the UpdraftPlus plugin.

In the left-hand admin menu, choose Plugins > Add New. In the Search Plugins box at the top right of the page, type UpdraftPlus and press Return.

Install the plugin.

Find UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin in the search results, and click Install Now to install the plugin, How to backup WordPress site manually.

Activate the plugin.

After a short while, the Install Now button should change to say Activate. Click the button to activate the plugin. In a few seconds, you should see the message Plugin activated appear at the top of the page.

Let’s make a manual backup of your site to check everything works. Do the following:

Visit the UpdraftPlus admin page.

  1. In the left-hand admin menu, choose Settings > UpdraftPlus Backups. The UpdraftPlus admin page appears.

Make a backup.

Click the Backup Now button towards the top of the page. A popup appears. Make sure to include the database in the backup and include any files in the backup checkboxes are selected, then click Backup Now.

if you head on over to the Existing Backups tab.

Download the database backup file.

Click the Database button. After a few seconds, you’ll see a Download to your computer button appear. Click it to download the backup of you’re a database, How to backup WordPress site manually.

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