how to make a free website using WordPress

How to make a free website using WordPress: If you want to create a website but you have a non-technical background then you can create your website very easily, Over four lakh people have created their websites through WordPress, WordPress is a platform for creating a website where even if you are non-technical, you can easily complete your website, through this article, we will tell you step-by-step how to make a WordPress website. In addition to your coding knowledge, I will tell you today that you can create a website through WordPress, How to make a free website using WordPress.


How to make a free website using WordPress

You can create your own free website by following this simple step-by-step workflow,
1. Create an account in GoDaddy’s or others(like Gowebs, Big rock)
2. Get Your Free Domain
3. Install WordPress on your free domain
4. Log in to your website
5. Choose a design for your website.
6. Edit the content of your website
7. Add a new page to your site


A)You need to create a hosting account for the website

Hosting: Hosting is a space where you can store your website’s files, but you have to buy hosting for your website from the hosting provider, some hosting providers in India will provide you hosting for your website. like Godaddy, bigRock, Gowebs, etc. If you want to mail business for your website or business then you need to take good hosting service from this hosting provider. If you have no idea about business mail then click on this link

B)You need a domain for the website

Domain: Now let’s talk about a domain, the domain is the name of our website, we can introduce our website through a domain. Websites are always incomplete without a domain. To create a website we have to buy a domain or there are many websites where we get a free domain. Those who are beginner level should use the free domain for their website, when they go from beginner level to high level, they use paid version domain.

C) Install WordPress on your free domain

You will go to your cPanel and there you will select the domain and install WordPress, When you install WordPress you will need one ID and password and another one is your database, How to make a free website using WordPress.

Install WordPress locally via the on-screen installer

D) Log in to your website

Once WordPress is installed you will need to login to the WordPress Dashboard for which you will need to type the domain name slash wp-admin(https or Then a login page will open where you will need the user ID and password, when you install WordPress you will need to enter a user ID and password to log in with that user id and password, How to make a free website using WordPress.

E)Choose a design for your website

When the website is logged in and opens in the dashboard, you will need to go to the theme for a website, When you buy a domain or use a free domain then you have to keep in mind that you want to create a website on which subject(subject means tech website, news website, portfolio website, blog website, medical website, business website, etc). If you want to create a technical website, you need to purchase a technical-related domain(ex- and if you want to create a medical-related website, then you must purchase a medical-related domain. You need to install a theme that will be website-related. First, you need to select the Appearance of the Dashboard and after selecting there you will get an option called Themes and if you click on that theme, you will get many themes related to your website for free. You will install a theme of your choice, How to make a free website using WordPress.



F)Edit the content of your website

Once Themes is installed you need to have the content ready for the website, Then you have to arrange or customize the website more beautifully through the post. If there is a dashboard, you have to select the post option, you can go to the ad new post and post it, How to make a free website using WordPress.

G)Add a new page to your site

Once the post is ready then you need to create pages for your website such as home page, about page, blog page, contact page, etc. There will be an option called a page on the admin dashboard, click there, add a new page and you will publish the page the way you posted, How to make a free website using WordPress.


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