Important android app optimization tips to improve app performance

The demand of android app is already high in the digital world. Any brand who wants to sell their product anytime anywhere always seeks for a app. But do you know making a app is not the only thing to get traffic and downloads. There are several ways in android app optimization that one needs to keep in mind when they want to get proper ROI.

Billions of people around the world are using smart phone and half of them are already adopted the habit of shopping or avail a service via mobile apps. Besides this gaming sector has also got a huge user base from smart phone users by developing the mobile games. The need of a good app that user likes to use put some questions like how-why-when you need android app optimization.

Why to focus on Android App Optimization

Optimizing your android app is very important as the world is getting interconnected with the internet everyday. The more we interconnect our daily life with internet, we need effective devices that will cover our daily needs effectively. For every business customer is the key of success and solving their needs is the primary focus for every business owners. No user will enjoy a app that isn’t smooth in performance. The basic things that a well optimized android app needs to focus is how fast a app opens, how a single layout is well designed to solve the need.

Most of the business fails to calculate the basic demands a consumers wants from their app. To meet the demands properly anyone needs to invest on the proper app development and maintenance. When a company failed to maintain and optimize their app then the consumers also drop the app forever.

How to Optimize Your Android App

Although it is not easy to optimize your android app, there are several ways to maintain your app which makes it seamless to use for users. Here are some of the tips to improve your android app.

Optimize Device Performance

The no. of mobile users are already high but still not everyone uses a high end device. Most of the mobile users are still using 16-64gb storage with maximum 4gb ram. Making a app that is not compatible with the low end devices will be a great loss. It is highly recommended that make a app that is compatible with every android devices or at least make a app that runs on a selected operating system, resolution, screen size.

Device performance is also includes some little things like: app startup time, memory and battery consumption.

  1. App Startup time

Always remember first impression matters so always maintain that your app launch quickly. Any app that lags while startup will instantly lose the user.

2. Optimize Battery Consumption

Smartphone has limited battery life and if your app drains the battery fast then no consumer will like to use your app.

3. Optimize Memory Consumption

Like the battery life every smartphone has limited memory allocated for install apps. You always need to check that your android app consumes less memory so that when the user use it for long term they get smooth experience.

4. Integration of other services

Your app should be compatible to integrate with other services like Wi-Fi, location without makes the experience bugged or app shutdowns.

5. Keep updated according to UI/UX

Android apps that uses user friendly interface – easy to navigate options and easy to use catches more consumers.

Optimize Server and API Performance

Always make sure that your android app is able to connect with servers and API as quickly as possible.

Maintain Server Downtime

Always try to keep a backup server for your app so the data remain secure and safe. Keeping a backup or native server also helps to run your app smoothly even when the server is down.

Data communication from the server can partially slow down the app performance so always need to keep check on the efficiency of data flowing and server response.

Moreover, the popularity of a mobile app relies on the reliability and functionality. The fast app perform and provide accurate information with a call to action button the more user will like it. We at Goweb, build and maintain the android app strategically that enhance the UI and UX for the users. We build proper planned and themed apps for different sectors – gaming app development, healthcare and wellness apps etc., which can be a valuable asset for your business.