KolkataFF is offering results on the official website. The play revolves around the concept of guessing the correct number. This website displays results weekly and monthly. Kolkata Fatafat Lucky Number is a popular gambling game in the heart of Kolkata, it is an illegal game in India yet a lot of people invest a lot of money in this gambling if there is a jackpot. Those who invest in this game are waiting for the results from the Kolkata Fatafat website. Kolkata Fatafat website results out every day and those who are winners earn a good amount of money. There is a different name for this gambling for each different state. We are getting this gambling name in Kolkata Fatafat. You participate in this gambling game and win a lot of money.

There is an initiating amount of prize that is is put to betting for playing the first position. The play leagues are called Bazis. One Bazi can have multiple winners. It is a great opportunity for the lower middle class to get some extra income. Everyone can participate here. Guessing is a probabilistic concept but involves fun as well. You just need to have a mobile device along with a good internet connection.


Kolkata FF is a very popular game in the region, in the form of the ‘Satta Matka’ gaming pattern. Although matka is banned in India, there are a few effective makes like Kolkata Fatafat. Interested participants who wish to play the lottery need to log in to the official website, kolkataff.online. The first result is updated on our page. There are different forms of betting in KolkataFF, which players will guess. Kolkata has a high involvement in lottery games. This lottery has a gaming style in the form of ‘Satta Matka’. Even though Matka is banned in India, there are very few ‘Matka’ compositions like Kolkata Fatafat that guess the correct number after the Kolkata Game-winner.

you will become able to find out KolkataFF Old Results of previous days. If you want to check any specific month or day result then simply scroll the page down and in the table find out that day. Now you can see all the results of that day on the table. It’s a fun game and people play this game according to their desire. No one force anyone to play this game. The main reason for playing this game is poverty. Most people of Kolkata don’t have enough money to survive in such a big city at very low earnings. So some amount of money whatever they earn put on this game and test their luck.

Type of satka matka mobile:

  • Kalyan Satta matka: The oldest and most prestigious of all the Satta Matka games, this game has two variations, single and triple digits. It takes place twice daily, once during the day and the other at night.
  • Milan Satta Matka: Another Satta Matka game that is played twice a day. This type is a very popular variation of the game that is played all over the country.
  • Mumbai Satta matka: Very similar to the Kalyan Satta Matka, this Maharashtrian variation follows the same format of single and triple-digit numbers. Very popular in the state and beyond.
  • Delhi Satta Matka: A once-a-day variation of the Satta Matka, this Delhi-based game is played with a two-digit number that is declared at the end of the day.


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