Matka App Source Code

Matka App Source Code is the technical term used in the development segment which defines the coding algorithms used to make a Satta Matka game app. Satta Matka is a famous gambling game in India that is now also popular over online platforms and people enjoy betting games of online Satta Matka every day. Since the game is played online, Satta Matka development itself became an industry and by availing Matka app source code you can set up your own online business of game Satta Matka.

Though the game Satta Matka has made a great comeback than the past times in India, it is highly noticeable that the game now managed to keep its presence on the screen of portable devices like smartphones. To maintain the craze of the gamers you can choose to be the owner of a leading Satta Matka game website with our flexible development services. Our Matka App development services offer the best-modified Matka app source code that is truly customized for your business only. Reach us to get started with Matka app development today!

Matka App Source Code
Matka App Source Code

Matka App Source Code

Develop your own customized matka app with our matka app source code today. Gowebs is a web and app development company that offers the satta matka app with the source code that builds lucrative betting opportunities for the satta matka players. Our matka app source code offers high-quality features filled matka app for your business and our designs are always unique and best in class.

Starting from exploring the wide range of games such as market games, Starline games, and disawar games, our matka app development services provide a comprehensive lucky number of the game, results, charts, and guessing too. With our matka app source code, you can build a matka platform with all the mentioned features and this will help you to watch profits flow your way. With the sound knowledge and technology use, our matka app will truly attract players worldwide and you can generate a large amount of revenue.

So, team gowebs is requesting you to set your business needs with our matka source code today and grow your dream business potentially.

Some of Our Popular Matka App Source Code

Gowebs is a famous and well-known name in the satta matka game development field. No doubt that with the years’ spent experience, our team is aware of the basic and advanced needs of the matka app. Our developed matka app not only comes with a unique layout and customized solutions but also we are aware of the matka game variations and features that a player can seek while visiting your website or app. Some of our developed matka app source code is –

GomatkaGomatka is our beginning level matka app source code by which you can develop your own website and app along with a landing page. This is the source code developed for the people who want to set up an online matka business on market games only such as – Kalyan matka, Sridevi matka, Time Bazar, Milan matka, and many more. With the source code, you can create an app that has an admin panel to manage everything within your app. With our developed source code you can develop features like manage bid history, payments and publish results, add games, and many more.

Matka App Source Code
Matka App Source Code

Moreover, the source code is easy to install and comes with a free licensed key. In case of any extra need, our team is always ready to assist you.

Gomatkapro – With the dedicated experience, our team has designed another matka source code which you can avail to build a standard matka website and app easily. With gomatka pro matka app source code, you can develop a website and app that offers satta matka market and Starline games. you can have multiple markets and Starline games with our source code. Not only that, there will be an admin panel available with the code by which in the future you can manage the admin panel, bid history, users, and payments easily.

Moreover, our gomatka pro source code is also easy to install and available with a lifetime free license key. Also, you can customize the options you are looking for in your app to attract more users and earn more profits.

Gomatkaproplus – Develop the ultimate version of the satta matka game app and website that offers market, Starline, and disawar games with our matka app source code. This one is the premium product code we offer at an affordable cost to you by which you can build your dream gambling website. Gomatka pro plus is a product that comes with fun-packed features such as multiple games, open and close time betting options, easy payment and withdrawals, and many more. Also, this source code comes with a vendor and agent panel system whereas as an owner you can add other people as agents and vendors who can host games within your portal.

With the vendor and agent system, gomatka pro plus gives you the chance to earn extra and you can add multiple vendors and agents to your app. Also with the admin panel, you can manage, add and delete users, host games, publish results, and maintain payment methods anytime anywhere. The source code comes with a free lifetime license key which means you don’t need to pay extra money yearly to run your dream business.

Matka App Source Code
Matka App Source Code

Dpboss Result – When it comes to the result website dpboss result comes in the mind first. You can have an exact clone source code for the dpboss result website at Gowebs. Our developed matka app source code for the result website will help to build a dpboss result website that provides every market, Starline and disawar games result accurately. Being a player, one needs an accurate and faster result website to know the outcomes of every game they play and with our source code, you can even build options like live and auto-update result features on your website. Also, with the code, you can have API integration on your website.

Not only the results, but this code will also develop many features like you can have auto-updated charts – panel charts, weekly charts, Jodi charts. Also, matka guessing and matka tips and tricks can be built on your app. Even we can develop fix matka number panel for you.

Games Available with Matka App Source Code

Order your feature-packed and user-friendly matka app source code today with us. Some of the games you can have with our source code are –

Single-Digit: Single-digit refers to any number between 0-9 and players need to choose and submit a single-digit number in the gameplay and the result will also be the winning number which is in single digit.

Double-Digit: Double-digit is another game mode where the player needs to choose and bet on a double-digit number and the result will show the double-digit number too.

Triple-Digit: Triple-digit is the game mode where players need to submit a triple-digit number and the result will also come with a triple-digit number.

Features of Our Satta Matka Game App Development

Unlike other source codes, our developed matka source code is packed with the satta matka game features to enhance the gaming experience. Some features you can experience with the source code is –

Open Shift – With the source code not only you can have games but also you can have the open shift feature. During the open shift, the winning number is announced during the close time and players can bet on the numbers published during open time.

Close Shift – We also have a working source code for the close shift. In this feature, the winning numbers are announced during the opening and closing timings. In the close shift, players can place bets on both open and close shifts to win rewards.


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