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Satta Matka game computer code and app development company states that to develop this game isn’t in the slightest degree a simple task because it could be a logical game and want an ideal practicality in terms of committal to writing and different factors to satisfy with the users and indulgent rules. Satta Matka is entirely on-line currently and completely obtainable on play, google and app store and principally firms rummage around for Satta matka live app/software.

The game starts on explicit time and a mumbai Bazar encompasses a particular time of gap and shutting and through that variety announce that use to be a result and lots of times those range collaborate and become double digit number which integer number called a Jodi.


Kalyan Satta Matka Game

The kalyan satta matka game has an open and a close timing where during the open timings a three digit number and a single digit number are declared similarly during the close timing an a three digit number and a single digit number are declared. The user who places the bet on either of the declared resuls is the winner

Delhi Satta King Game

When compared to the satta matka game, Here there is only one result which is declared. In the Delhi satta king game there is a timing during which the results are declared. A two digit number is declared by the market owners and if the user places the bets on the declared results the user is declared a winner


UP Satta King Game

The UP satta king game is similar to the delhi satta king game where there is only one two digit number ( result ) which is declared. If the user placed the bet on the number before the result timing then he is declared as a winner.

Mumbai Satta Matka Game

The mumbai satta matka game is very similar to the kalyan satta matka game, here there are two timings open and close. Bets are placed on both the timings and the user is declared the winner if he gets lucky. During the open and close timings a three digit and a single digit numbers are declared. The user must place his bets before the result timing closes.

Rajasthan Satta Matka Game

The rajasthan satta matka game is very similar to the mumbai and kalyan games. Here the open and close timings are the key and the user must place his bets befor that. He is declared the winner if the user places his bets before the delcaration of the results.


Single Panna

It is the simplest kind of Satta Matka version. In Single Panna, all the 3 numbers are unique and distinct. Players bet on single digits.

Double Panna

This version is a little bit complex than Single Panna. In double Panna, 2 consecutive numbers are same. Meaning, there two repeated numbers in this version.

Triple Panna

This is a more complex and unusual kind Satta Matka version. Here, all the 3-digit numbers are same etc.