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MOBILE APPLICATION SOFTWARE includes a wide variety of tools for building, converting, and deploying cross-platform applications for mobile devices. Businesses often create mobile applications for sale and for internal use. They may also port existing desktop applications to mobile devices. Due to differences in operating systems, hardware capabilities, and UX design, developing or porting a mobile application presents unique challenges. As a result, many vendors have created tools and services designed to assist mobile application developers.


Mobile app development software entails several different types of tools. Low-code development platforms and integrated development environments (IDEs) help developers quickly design, prototype, and launch mobile applications. Conversion tools help developers create mobile-friendly versions of existing applications and websites. Other tools and libraries provide APIs for adding features such as messaging, file sharing, or mapping to mobile applications.


1. Gideros

MOBILE APPLICATION SOFTWARE, Gideros is another free, open-source game developer that uses Lua as a scripting language just like Corona. It supports and can import to iOS, Android, Windows Phone, OS X, Windows, and Windows RT. The great quality of Gideros is that, unlike Lua — which is not a class-based system — it provides a class-based API so that developers can functions with ease and can write clean and reusable code.

It has a whole set of features required for mobile game development including, scene manager, MovieClip class and GTween library that helps move, scale and rotate objects inside the game. It also uses Box2D for physics and contains other important tools like texture packer and a font creator. It enables instant testing of game projects through Wi-Fi connection on mobile device.


2. Haxe

MOBILE APPLICATION SOFTWARE, Haxe is an open source, multi-platform programming language that equally supports iOS and Android. The programming language of this toolset is easy to learn especially for those developers who are quite familiar or has experience with Java, C++, PHP or AS3 languages. Haxe is a dependable tool when it comes to designing cross-platform games with smooth development process.

Haxe compiler produces cross-platform native code and swiftly compiles thousands of classes to enable speedy game development. Its toolkit also includes Haxe standard library that provides a good set of APIs and more raw frameworks from which further additional tools can be developed when needed.


3. NextPeer

MOBILE APPLICATION SOFTWARE, NextPeer is a Multiplayer social SDK that addresses the issue of multiplayer gaming on mobile. It supports both types of gameplay: synchronous and asynchronous.

NextPeer enhances the quality of gaming experience and player engagement, and helps developers achieve maximum user retention. It facilitates real-time interactions and live rankings in order to make it more interesting and real. It has a delayed synchronous technology which enables users to play the past sessions of other players. This feature makes NextPeer a competitive mobile game development tool in the market.

4. CryEngine

MOBILE APPLICATION SOFTWARE, Developed by German based company Crytek, CryEngine is a mobile game development engine used to create 3D games for Console and Window PC. You can create first person shooter games with CryEngine, and other advanced games using C++, ActionScript, Lua script and Visual Studio.

CryEngine offers some of the incredible features like: Voxel-Based Global Illumination, Per-Object Shadow Maps, Motion Blur and Depth of Field, Volumetric Fog Shadows, Level Design, Flowgraph, Real-Time Dynamic Water Caustics, Multi-Layer Navigation Mesh, Parametric Skeletal Animation, Advanced AI System, and many more.

It has both paid and free model to develop different game assets and it covers large gaming market. Games like Cry Series, Enemy Front, Crysis, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 are developed using CryEngine.


5. Marmalade

MOBILE APPLICATION SOFTWARE, Marmalade offers free suite of tools that enable easy game development and porting processes. It is a fast, high-performance cross-platform engine for creation of 2D and 3D games. The SDK can be used to code in C++. Marmalade Quick version supports app development using Lua scripting language whereas Marmalade Web facilitates creating hybrid apps using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

Marmalade is an award winning platform that is popular among top game developers for its ability to build native games for both mobile and desktop. Marmalade Juice is another mobile game development tool that supports easy porting of iOS games to Android ecosystem.

Some of the remarkable games developed using Marmalade engine are Doddle Jump, Metal Gear Solid Mobile, Worms, Cut the Rope, Need for Speed: Shift, Lara Croft, Bejeweled Blitz and Guardina of Light.

6. Cocos2D

MOBILE APPLICATION SOFTWARE, Cocos2Dis an open-source framework that game developers can use for free. It works with both Swift and Objective-C and supports iOS and OS X. If coding is done in Objective-C, it supports Android through Spritebuilder Android plug-in. SpriteBuilder is used for creating projects and provides a graphical design environment where you can prototype and build games

With the help of CCDirector class and CCTransition class, you can perform scene management. To find animations, CCAnimation class comes handy. For actions like move, rotate and scale, CCAction class can be used. Cocos2D also offers CCParticleSystem to support particle systems, and CCTiledMap class for tile maps.
Like many mobile game development tools, Cocos2D also has OpenGL as rendering engine. So if you want to develop for multiple platforms and like working on Objective-C and Swift, Cocos2D is the ultimate framework.

7. Unity

MOBILE APPLICATION SOFTWARE, Unity is a mobile game development engine that supports C# and UnityScript which is Unity’s own language like JavaScript. It comes with free as well as professional editions. It is a cross-platform tool and is deployable to many platforms. Like other tools, its built-in editor allows you to edit images and organize animations from animator window. You can also design particle system in Unity editor.

It uses its own physics engine and has built in camera to simplify navigation in the game world. Unity’s user interface system has different components for easy viewing of its features. Unity is a reliable choice if you want to design a game for wide range of devices. The Unity also offers the asset store where you can purchase various assets for the game.

8. SpriteKit

MOBILE APPLICATION SOFTWARE, Available on iOS and OS X, SpriteKit is Apple’s proprietary 2D game development framework that supports both Swift and Objective-C languages.

SpriteKIt offers great convenience to developers. With SKView, scene management is made easy. SKAction class can be leveraged to move, scale or rotate various game objects. It also supports sound and developing custom codes. SpriteKit offers scene editor that enables designing of levels. Particle editor helps with developing different particle systems.

SpriteKit has Box2D for its physics engine, and a built-in camera through SkCameraNode class which makes navigation easy. SpriteKit is an excellent mobile game development choice for developers who are familiar with Apple ecosystem.

9. GameMaker Studio 2

BEST MOBILE GAME DEVELOPMENT SOFTWARE, Yoyo Games have launched their own platform for creating 2D games: GameMaker Studio 2. Their amazing “Drag and Drop” feature, together with their easy-to-learn language, gives you the chance to design your game in a very short time. Another advantage is that you don’t need to spend a large amount of money to get started.

Supported platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Android TV
  • Windows Phone
  • Tizen
  • Amazon Fire
  • PS Vita
  • fireTV
  • Microsoft UWP
  • HTML5

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