satta gambling website software

The popularity of the satta gambling website software is increasing daily as online satta matka game is getting popular too. Satta matka is a game that offers a good sum of money in a limited time if you manage to guess the winning number. This is the main purpose many people choose to play the game to earn extra bucks apart from their living. There might be many websites available to play the game, but finding a website that has all features of the game is still hard.

As a web development company in Kolkata, Gowebs, is the name that comes first on the list when people seek satta matka game developers. With the hard-earned experience in the satta matka development industry, our team is completely efficient in crafting the best satta gambling website software. We can craft software, website, and app for any satta matka business while we ensure the layout and features will be fully customizable.

satta gambling website software
satta gambling website software


Satta gambling website software is nothing but software that is designed by our team to fulfill your gambling website need. Since the satta matka game is getting popular there are many people available who want to invest in building a satta matka game website or app. Being web developers we always value your investment and dream and we always work to provide service where investment became a lifetime asset for you. Satta gambling website software has recently highlighted its presence on the betting platform and making the opportunity to play the game online.

The game satta matka is a lottery-based gambling game in which every player needs to bet on the number and the platform where you place your bets will provide you the results that will help you to understand if you are the winner of the game or not. On our developed satta gambling website software, you will get the opportunity to bet on the numbers based on two times – opening time and closing time. Also, you can be able to customize games as per market, Starline, and disawar games. Even you can build a satta matka result website with the help of our team.

Some of Our Developed Satta Gambling Website Software

Since we are the web development company that can build websites for the satta matka game, we can say that we know what a good satta gambling website software needs and what are the cost taken by the developers who offer satta matka game development services. There are certain types of websites and apps we offer for your business are stated below –

satta gambling website software
satta gambling website software

Gomatka – Gomatka is our basic satta gambling website software that comes with both web and app versions. This is the software you can install and run easily on any device with a lifetime free license key. With Gomatka, you can build a website that offers online matka market games and guessing and results. Also, the software comes with a landing page by which you can redirect your traffic to your app. Gomatka comes with a customized admin panel from which you can handle market games, payments, and everything you want.

Gomatkapro – Gomatkapro is the standard edition satta gambling website software that we developed for customers who can afford mid-range budget software for their business. Gomatkapro also comes with a web and app version with a landing page to redirect traffic to your app. Our software will give you the options to host games for the market and Starline matka. Also, you will have your own customized admin panel from where you can manage bid history, games, users, and payment options.

Gomatkapro+ – Our team Gowebs has designed a premium level satta gambling website software gomatkaproplus. This software is filled with high-quality features while we kept the budget pocket-friendly. Like our other software, this one also comes with the web and app version and one can get a lifetime key with the product and easy install guides. Gomatkaproplus comes with the market, Starline, and disawar game options. Also, this software has a dedicated vendor and agent panel where you can add people who will host and manage games within your app.

Our gomatkapro+ comes with a customized admin panel from which you can manage and make changes to your software. Also with the admin panel, you can manage host and update games, add or withdraw payments, check and manage bid history. Also, there will be a dedicated result panel in the software where you can update and publish the game results as required.

Features of Satta Gambling Website Software

Presently, Satta matka players constantly look for a proper satta gambling website software where they can place bets with ease and at no extra cost. Since the game is all about investing your hard-earned money on bets, people always want software that is user-friendly and safe to use. As a web development company, our team is aware of what a good satta matka app or website needs to have. Below we are highlighting some of our features that you will get on your website and app –

OTP-Based Login – We develop satta gambling website software with the top base login system in order to protect user data and avoid spam.

Matka App Development
Matka App Development

Manage Everything – We always offer websites and apps that you can handle easily. So our service will let you be the ultimate decision-maker for your investment. Everything we offer is customizable whether it is design and layout or functionality. You can manage wallet, users, games, bank, results, and guessing forum anytime with our product. Also, you can use automated technology by which you can publish and update results anytime.

Payment – With the latest technology used in the satta gambling website software services, one can manage the wallet, transfer money to the user, and directly transfer money to their bank from the software. All the needed payment options are available. Also, the software comes with secure options which you can use to avoid data loss and spamming.

Games Available in Satta Gambling Website Software

Single Panna – In a Single Panna, any player needs to submit a single-digit number ranging between 0-9, and the winner announced is also based on a single digit.

Double Panna – In double Panna games, players need to choose double-digit numbers and the result will also be based on a double-digit.

Triple Panna – In this game players need to choose triple digits and the winner announced is also a triple-digit.

Open shiftOpen shift on our website is the time any user can choose a number to place the bet and how much they want to bet.

Close shift: In the close shift the betting will be closed and the winner will be announced with the reward he or she won.

Jodi: In Jodi games, players also can place bets and win rewards according to it.

dpboss matka website development
dpboss matka website development

Why Choose Our Satta Gambling Website Software?

Our Satta gambling website software is developed with the advanced option which will give you a tremendous experience while you can stay within budget. In our app, you will have the market, Starline, disawar, admin, vendor, and agent panel along with a dedicated forum to post your matka calculations, guessing, and results. Apart from this what makes our service best is the quality and on-time delivery. Also, we have a customer support team that can help you to solve your issues anytime.

Have questions on your mind? you can reach us with the questions anytime and we will be happy to help you at –

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