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What is Satta Matka Software?

satta game software is a number based game and it is majorly played in India. This is what gave rise to the two chances of bidding in the game of Satta Matka.

The game of Satta Matka is entirely dependent on luck — at least that is how it appears on the surface. However, there are a lot of calculations that go into determining the probability of your winning.

Satta Matka has a lot of avatars. Although it started on the port of Bombay, it was discontinued because of legal regulations. It was, however, revived by Rattan Khatri who created his own version of Satta Matka called Worli Satta — Worli is one of the areas in Mumbai. Another version of Satta Matka called the Kalyan Satta Matka was invented by someone called Kalyanji in Gujarat. It has got nothing to do with Mumbai although there is another area in Mumbai call Kalyan. The Kalyan Satta is what we popularly have known as Satta Matka today.


How Was It Played?

The play is quite simple and straightforward. The player draws two numbers between 1 and 10. All the numbers are put into a pot and a random number is chosen. There are 2 such draws that happen, and the player whose choices of numbers, in addition to the summation is closest to the draw is considered the winner.

The word ‘Matka’ means ‘pot’ or ‘earthen vessel’ in Hindi. As the name implies, the randomness of the draw is induced by putting the numbers into the pot.


How is it played online?

As we have discussed earlier, there are a lot of games that have started to sport their online avatar. Satta Matka isn’t an exception to this phenomenon. There are a lot of companies that specialize in creating the Satta Matka game app and software. There are a lot of advantages that come with playing a game like Satta Matka online.

satta game software

Satta Matka game computer code and app development company states that to develop this game isn’t in the slightest degree a simple task because it could be a logical game and want an ideal practicality in terms of committal to writing and different factors to satisfy with the users and indulgent rules. Satta Matka is entirely on-line currently and completely obtainable on play, google and app store and principally firms rummage around for Satta matka live app/software.

The game starts on explicit time and a mumbai Bazar encompasses a particular time of gap and shutting and through that variety announce that use to be a result and lots of times those range collaborate and become double digit number which integer number called a Jodi, MATKA SOFTWARE FOR MOBILE.


Satta Matka Terminology:

1. Matka

The word ‘matka’ is derived from the word ‘earthen pot.’ Such pots were used in the past to draw numbers

2. Single

Any digit between 0 to 9

3. Jodi/Pair

Any pair of digits between 00 to 99

4. Patti/Panna

A three-digit result comes as betting result. All the three-digit numbers are patti/panna, satta game software.

5. Open result/close result

Outcome of betting is divided into two parts – the first part is open and second is close, satta game software.


Single patti eg 123

Double patti eg 112

Triple patti eg 111

7. Cycle Patti

The last two digits of the Patti is called the Cycle Patti or CP. Eg, if the Patti is 128, the Cycle Patti will be 28, satta game software.

8. Farak

Farak is the difference between close and open result. Eg, if the pair is 57, farak is 7-5 = 2,satta game software.

9. Berji

It is the last digit of Jodi’s sum. Eg, if the pair is 76, 7+6 = 13. The last digit is 3, means berji will be 3, satta game software.

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