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satta matka game kolkata is a number game based on how excellent you are at guessing the winning number. In this number system, you can guess a variety of types such as Open, Close, Jodi, Panel, Sangam, Jackpot among others. You can also try an unbeatable trick which was SECRET until now. Follow these steps which I have explained in detail, understand it in-depth and then play Satta Matka. With this secret trick you will never-ever fail in the unpredictable Satta Matka game.


How to Play Satta Matka?

Now, in India, Matka game is played by the draw of three cards from a deck.

Players have to select three numbers from 0 to 9. If the three chosen numbers add up to a two-digit number, then the last of the two digits is taken in consideration for the output. For example, if a player chooses 5, 6 and 8, which add up to 19, then 9 is the last output number. Making the draw 5, 6, 8 *9.

Similarly, a second set of three numbers are chosen from 0 to 9, e.g. 3, 8 and 7, which add up to 18, making the draw 3, 8, 7 *8.

This will make the final card for the player look like:

5, 6, 8 *9 x 3, 8, 7 *8

All the bets are played before the drawing begins. Players can bet on the full set of numbers, the first number, the second number, or a combination of numbers as permitted by the bookies.

The payouts can range from 9/1 to 999/1 for all India Satta Matka. Many players have Satta Matka game tricks up their sleeves, but eventually it’s a game of chance.



Kalyan Satta Matka Game

The kalyan satta matka game has an open and a close timing where during the open timings a three digit number and a single digit number are declared similarly during the close timing an a three digit number and a single digit number are declared. The user who places the bet on either of the declared results is the winner, SATTA MATKA GAME KOLKATA

Delhi Satta King Game

When compared to the satta matka game, Here there is only one result which is declared. In the Delhi satta king game there is a timing during which the results are declared. A two digit number is declared by the market owners and if the user places the bets on the declared results the user is declared a winner, SATTA MATKA GAME KOLKATA


UP Satta King Game

The UP satta king game is similar to the delhi satta king game where there is only one two digit number (result) which is declared. If the user placed the bet on the number before the result timing then he is declared as a winner, SATTA MATKA GAME KOLKATA.

Mumbai Satta Matka Game

The mumbai satta matka game is very similar to the kalyan satta matka game, here there are two timings open and close. Bets are placed on both the timings and the user is declared the winner if he gets lucky. During the open and close timings a three digit and a single digit numbers are declared. The user must place his bets before the result timing closes, SATTA MATKA GAME KOLKATA.

Rajasthan Satta Matka Game

The Rajasthan satta matka game is very similar to the Mumbai and Kalyan games. Here the open and close timings are the key and the user must place his bets before that. He is declared the winner if the user places his bets before the declaration of the results, SATTA MATKA GAME KOLKATA.

Featurs of Satta Matka Software(SATTA MATKA GAME KOLKATA)

Open Shift

On this platform, your information is completely secured and there are no odds that your information can be spilled.

Close Shift

The winning number will be declared during the planning of the opening and shutting.


Players can bet on a combination of quantities of open move and close move, and when those numbers join it is known as Jodi and people can bet on that number, which is known as a Jodi.

Closing Time

At the point when the move closes, at shutting time, the number use to declare, and on that number, people can also bet. Following a couple of moments of shutting time, the winner used to report and remunerated with the bonus or cost.

Opening Time

Again the number use to report, and people can test their predetermination. In the wake of declaring the number, following several minutes, the winner will be reported and will be granted with a prize, But here once more, we give a chance to the players.

Declaration of Result

The outcome is constantly proclaimed in combination of three numbers that is called Panna. Furthermore, the combination of Open panna result and close panna result is the conclusive outcome of any matka market.

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