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Sattka matka Mobile is an old lottery game in India, You can earn a lot of money playing this game. There are some websites where Matka games are played but you can’t withdraw money properly. You can go to the Go Matka website and win a lot of money by playing satta matka games, This is a trustworthy website. Not only is it played on the website, it is also played by App. Mobile Satta Matka game is a lottery game, this game is played online in India. This game is still being played in the 70’s.Although this game is getting a lot of updates now, but some of the rules have changed. This game is known by many names, everyone knows this game as Satta matka. This game is played by selecting the number.



Satta Matka Mobile Game makes many companies in India but Gowebs Company is a company that makes games by following all the rules of Matka Game. So today we are the No. 1 company in India to do Matka Game Development. We have been making this Matka game for many years, so we have a lot of experience. We will make you a perfect good quality matka game, we have made many matka games before, click on this link to see our matka games.


We make Matka games in a slightly different way, because we know what is in demand in the market now, what functions can be added to make the game more comfortable to play. We can make a good quality game in a very short time but no other company will do it. We will add many advanced features while creating Matka games, we will add good features in the admin panel which you may not even think of. Our developers have many years of experience in creating this Matka game, so make your game with us and enjoy the Matka game. But we know how to make a good quality Matka game on a low budget.


Feature of matka software android

  • Open shift
  • Closing time
  • Close shift
  • Opening time
  • Jodi

Open Shift: Announcement of the winning number takes place during the closing time. Players can bet on the number during that time.

Closing time: At closing time, the betting shift gets closed. The numbers are announced and players bet on them. After closing time, winner gets announced and rewarded with cash or kind prizes.


Close shift: Announcement of the winning number takes place during the opening and closing time. Players can bet on the number during both open and close shifts.

Opening time: Again the number use to announce, and people can test their destiny. After announcing the number, after a couple of minutes, the winner will be announced and will be awarded with a prize, But here again, we provide an opportunity to the players.

Jodi: Players can bet on a combination of numbers of open shift and close shift, and when those numbers combine it is known as Jodi and people can bet on that number, which is known as a Jodi.

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