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Static Website In Kolkata, In simplest terms, static Web pages are those with content that cannot change without a developer editing its source code, while dynamic Web pages can display different content from the same source code. When it comes to using static or dynamic pages for parts of your company’s website, having the most advanced code on each of your pages is not important. What is important is the purpose each page serves for your website.

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Static Website pages display the exact same information whenever anyone visits it. Static Web pages do not have to be simple plain text. They can feature detailed multimedia design and even videos. However, every visitor to that page will be greeted by the exact same text, multimedia design or video every time he visits the page until you alter that page’s source code. Static websites are popular because they are super-efficient, extremely fast and usually free to host. personally I know her work , I’m share some website link he already design and development .

static website


Static websites which is also known as informative website are mainly designed for those kind of industry were products and there services are fixed and required no or very minimum changes. It is mainly design to showcase the fixed products and services of a company. It does not require any code to execute design any databases to be accessed, which makes Static websites the most secure way to deliver content. Static websites are an excellent way to display your business and provide essential information to prospective customers. It is very important that static website should be properly validated with W3C standard for better promotion over internet.

static website


Static websites are HTML websites with fixed information and graphics. Techno Developers Group, is a leading Indian static website designing company. Our specialist team is engaged in creating successful digital marketing concepts.  We do provide designing solutions and services to our pristine clientele.  Static websites are stylish, with designer concepts as we design every websites with new ideology. Custom design in affordable low cost is our specialty.

Techno developers Group specializes in designing website with innovative ideas and contemporary designing concepts. Our team got expertise of over 14 year in providing unique and quality deliverables to our diversified client sectors. And we believe that makes us ideal choice for hundreds of satisfied customers globally.


A static website is the cheapest and most popular form of website, a static website is generally built with HTML and CSS technologies and does not uses any server technologies or high resultion graphics.


If you are not willing to make changes to your website frequently, then Static is the one for you. A static website is the fastest all of the websites categories as you don’t need to have a database. Along with that, it provides robust speed that helps in SEO ranking. Our team provides you with the best Static Website Designing in Kolkata that helps your online presence grow. Some of the best features of a static website is its speed, mobile responsive, SEO friendly, etc.


 Static website can help your business to present your products, business information, services, and any other important information you want your visitors to have access to. Static websites are designed for easy downloadable images, implement JavaScript, Jjquery, browser compatibility and easy navigation having effective graphics and interactivity. Sites may include any number of pages with minimum jquery, javascript and HTML which helps in SEO. Building a static website is reasonably simple because the development technology is simple to use. Static site is one that is written in plain HTML and XHTML, what is in the code of the page is what is displayed to the user.


Build Websites offers Static informative HTML Web Design Services for your Business if you have no need for a complex dynamic CMS website. Static HTML Websites are good for web pages that do not change automatically. A static site can be built by simply creating a few HTML pages and publishing them to a Web server. This works well for small websites, but it can make large sites with hundreds or thousands of pages difficult to maintain. Static Web pages are easier to code and assemble than dynamic Web pages, which may feature customizable content according to a user’s identity or other factors.