types of HTML editor

TYPES OF HTML EDITOR: HTML Editor is a coding software that allows us to edit and create code for websites or other web documents. Those who are website developers use an HTML editor to maintain their website easily. There is a lot of functionality to be found in using an HTML editor, which means web pages are very easy to create. A language is needed to understand the document of a web page, then it is written in the HTML editor. We create the look of a website with the help of HTML Editor. There are a lot of tags in the HTML language, as well as various types of commands for hyperlinks, text formatting, color schemes, and much more.


Advantages of using HTML Editors :

  • With the help of an editor, we can check the code of a website, if there is an error in the website then it is very easy to fix it.
  • Through the editor, we can transfer from one language to another, like XML, JavaScript, etc.
  • With the help of editors, we can fully control and even develop a website.
  • It is very easy to control the editor, and it has a very good functionality through which you can develop a lot of things.


There are two types of editors

  1. Text editor
  2. WYSIWYG editor

Text Editor:

Developers use this editor, the developer puts their code in the text editor and runs code in this editor. If you use a text editor, then you need to know the basic HTML code well, text editor which has some nice feature add for which all developers use this editor. Using this text editor will allow you to manage all files, even maintain a project. There are many types of text editors. I would say you can use free editors when you are new to learning, text editors include-Notepad++, VSCode, Sublime Text.


The full form is What You See Is What You Get. No coding knowledge is required for the development of a website. This editor is very good for those who are non-technical, now you don’t have to know very high coding, you just have to do drag and drop. You can do good website development through drag and drop. This editor is very easy to maintain. Examples include Adobe Dreamweaver, Amaya, BlueGriffon, etc. I would say that those who are technical will not use it, you will use it as a text editor.

Conclusion :

Editors are the ones who do the work for you. If you have millions of stand coding, the editor will be very useful for you. Hope everything is clear to you now, what is the use of an editor, where will you use the editor, we will tell you to make the text editor your best friend. There are many different editors, after you experiment, see which editor is better for you. We would also note that unless you need 24/7 support and manage code for a huge company, you will probably be fine with a free editor.

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