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Since gambling is popular, people looking for the website satta matka to play the game. Gambling games like satta matka is getting popular as it gives scope to earn extra money apart from daily living by playing. One can earn a good amount of money by playing the game satta matka during their free time. Since the game is now played online, the website satta matka is the website that offers a user to play the game within the website.

As stated the game satta matka is very much popular and people always look for websites to play and check results every day. For this reason, many people now started to invest in making a website that offers a satta matka game portal along with charts and results. In order to develop this kind of gaming website, you need to hire developers who have sound experience in developing the gambling website.



Gowebs is a web development company that offers website satta matka development services for any business with customized solutions and layouts. With the sound experience in the satta matka game development team gowebs has the ability to craft a satta matka website that can fulfill all needs to play the game. Our services are not only bound to develop a unique layout for your business but also we offer customized website for every people.

A perfect gaming website means a website that can give you a proper gaming experience and security. No matter you are a host of the games or you want to play the game security works for both since it is a money-based game system. Our developers are experienced enough and worked in the satta matka development industry before and that’s the main reason we know what a website satta matka needs to have in order to gain the attention of gamers around the globe.

What is website satta matka?

satta matka is the number guessing lottery-based gambling game started by two satta kings one is from Mumbai named Ratan Khatri and another one is a farmer from Gujrat Kalyan Ji Bhagat. The game was introduced in the year 1950 right after Indian independence and the game was played on exchange rates of cotton in the beginning time. After that, many people started to play the game in new ways, and presently the game was played with cards and numbers. There are 220 Patti and 100 Jodi are available in the game.


Nowadays people enjoy everything online and the people who love to play satta matka are looking for a website satta matka that offers the same experience while the reward money may remain high. Website satta matka is nothing but a website that lets the players play the game by betting on numbers during the open and close time. Not only that people who play the game and invest in bets also need to check game results and our team is efficient enough to craft a satta matka result website also.

Types of website satta matka we can develop

As a satta matka game developer, gowebs has a team of experienced developers who not only have the coding experience but also know the requirements and features a satta matka website needs. Our website satta matka service offers a total of four types of websites along with apps that are truly fruitful for your investment. With the time spent experience in the satta matka industry, we offer 4 types of services that will fulfill your matka app development need. Those are –

Gomatka – One of our basic level satta matka website and app making product is Gomatka. Being a beginning-level software gomatka has its own unique features that will help you to maintain a satta matka website with customized features. This one comes with web and mobile app versions and a landing page. Gomatka offers the market games only. You can add as many markets as you want in your app along with open and close times for players to bet.

Also, there will be a customized admin panel from where you can host and manage games. With the admin panel, you are able to manage wallets, games, charts, payment options, bets, and everything you wish securely. Moreover, gomatka comes with an easy installation guide and a one-time license key.

Gomatkapro – Gomatka pro is our standard-level product that is built for people who come with a mid-range budget to afford some extra features. Among our website satta matka service, this one is the mid-ranged budget product where you can get web and mobile applications with a landing page. With gomatka pro, you can develop satta matka market games and starline games. Also, this one comes with an admin panel from where you can manage your website bid history, manage and host games, add or change time, manage payments, and many more with easy steps.

website satta matka
Website Satta Matka

Also, there is a dedicated panel for charts where you can publish and update charts of your games and this one also comes with a lifetime installation key.

Gomatkaproplus – Our website satta matka premium product is gomatka pro plus which is designed for the people who want to pay a little high for the ultimate features of a satta matka website. This one also comes with web and mobile app versions along with a landing page. You can add and host market, Starline, and disawar games with this product. Also, the special features as an addition you will get here are vendor and agent panel.

With the vendor and agent panel, you can add vendors and agents on your website who can host games under your website and you can earn your share at the end of every result. With the customized admin panel you can manage agents and vendors, users, publish results, manage bid history, payment options, and many more. Also, you will have a result page where you can put results as per game end.

Dpboss matka Website – apart from the above services there was another website satta matka service we provide that is based on the result website for satta matka. We can develop a dpboss matka result website for your business where users can find all satta matka game results, charts, guessing, and fix ank. This will also have an admin panel from where you can add delete or manage results charts of the satta matka games.

dpboss matka
dpboss matka
Why Choose Gowebs?

Team Gowebs is known for three words that define their uniqueness of work than other development companies.

Productive Expertise

We have proven productive expertise to develop satta matka websites and our team is aware of creating one customized website for you too.

Unique design:

All the designs we do are attractive and fully organized as per your need and the layout is interactive and user friendly so that anyone can visit and play the game with ease and secure way.

Support 24×7:

We have a dedicated team that can provide technical support to your problems at any time of the day. Even we have detailed guidelines by which you can learn about how to use our website and our team is always ready to assist you with all your questions anytime.

If you still have any quarries in your mind then you can reach to our customer support team anytime at –

 Phone+91 8585814444



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