wordpress white screen of death


So what is this big super annoying problem we are talking about? What is the White Screen of Death?

It’s an error most of the users face where the user feels helpless and is welcomed by a blank screen.

What causes the WordPress white screen of death?

WORDPRESS WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH, PHP and database errors usually cause this error. In most cases, the white screen of death is due to an unresponsive script that times out or gets interrupted by your WordPress hosting server.

For example, one plugin may be incompatible with another plugin. Or a recently installed theme could be faulty and poorly configured for your site. Memory issues can also cause the screen to appear.


WSOD Error Diagnosis

The majority of the time you see a blank screen of death, it means that a script on your website has exhausted the memory limit.

The unresponsive script is killed by your WordPress hosting server or simply times out. This is why no error message is generated and a white screen appears.

White screen of death- This error can also occur due to a badly coded theme or plugin installed on your site. Sometimes this can happen if there is a problem with your web hosting server.

Since the white screen error can be caused by a number of factors, WordPress white screen troubleshooting methods are required to resolve it.

Before you start, check recent actions performed:


1- Have You Recently Updated All WordPress Plugins and Themes?

You should know that even a minor update can bring a site to its knees, if the code has not been duly checked and tested to guarantee compatibility with WordPress or other plugins. This is why it is recommended to test plugin upgrades in a local work environment (on your computer), if possible.

2- Have You Recently Installed New Plugins ?

When you install a new plugin, you add a small (or large) block of code to your WordPress site which, if deactivated unnecessary plugins are not properly tested, can generate a blank screen on your site.

In most cases, WordPress plugin test teams do a good job, and make sure that the plugins meet certain coding standards, but it’s nearly impossible to test all plugins, due to the huge volume of existing wordpress plugins, more than 43,000.

This figure does not take into account premium plugins that come from third-party sources like WooThemes or CodeCanyon.


3- Have You Recently Installed a New WordPress Theme?

More often than not, the white screen is only visible on the client side of your site. If you are able to access your WordPress dashboard, but no one can see your site, because only a blank wp-admin page is visible, then the problem is caused by a conflict in the theme. If you recently installed a new theme, start not going back to the previous theme, or activate the default WordPress theme that came with your installation.

How to Fix White Screen of Death in WordPress?

Very often the simple question is to restore the site. To do this, you must have a backup of your site. Shockingly, not everyone backs up their site. Therefore, if you understand this and that one of these people who does not have an accessible reinforcement, this educational investigation exercise is for you.

In order to fix the problem, you need to find out where things went wrong. To do this, you must determine whether it was a conflict between subjects or between modules.

Fix the Syntax Error in WordPress

The first step is to find the source of the problem. We must find the file that is causing the conflict, and then find the code block in that file where the syntax error is.

The first thing we should do is verify the templates or plugins that we have recently activated in our WordPress. If your syntax error appeared just after it was installed, that is the cause.

Fortunately, if you have no idea where the source of the error is, you can still easily trace its origin. When you open your site using any browser, you get the error message. The message begins with Parse Error Syntax Error Unexpected In WordPress, followed by specific error information. The error message will also contain the full path of the file responsible for the error, as well as the line where the faulty code is located. This is the file that you must modify to correct the syntax error.